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Щ`Х` Ȯ ݆
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å NARUTO -ʥ- å` ECLIPS ޥͩ`å `󥰥Щ` HEMå NARUTO -ʥ- å`ؔ ؼ
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å NARUTO -ʥ- å` Lؔ
å NARUTO -ʥ- å` ֥쥹å Х󥰥
Щ`Х` ֥å`٥ ХåЩ`Х` 졢Щ`Х` `ɥ`
ץ Хå 2011
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ɥ ҥ NARUTO -ʥ- å` ṟ
ҥ NARUTO -ʥ- å` sʷ
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᥹ ٥ ե ꥶ` ˥` 2ۤ Lؔ 󥱩` СE츶 v Щ` J ӡ
ҥ NARUTO -ʥ- å` թ`ȥ
ץ ʽ
ץ ؔ ǥ` Lؔ
Щ`Х`ޥե` 󥺣Щ`Х` ` ե
᥹ NARUTO -ʥ- å` ϥɥХå ԥ
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å NARUTO -ʥ- å`ؔ ǥ` ܥ
᥹ NARUTO -ʥ- å` ؔ 2ۤLؔ ǥ` ᥹ NARUTO -ʥ- å` 233024 ֥å᥹ NARUTO -ʥ- å`Хåؔų
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å NARUTO -ʥ- å` ؔ ȥå GUCCI Lؔ å NARUTO -ʥ- å` 饦ɥեʩ` 308012å NARUTO -ʥ- å`Хåؔų
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᥹ ؔ եʩ`᥹ ????᥹ ѥ 󥺣᥹ Щ`
å `ɥå å` ձå`` й
ץ ɽ
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Щ`Х` ؔ
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ץ ȥå `
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ץ Lؔ ɥ
᥹ NARUTO -ʥ- å` ؔ 䥨᥹ NARUTO -ʥ- å` Хå 񣬥᥹ NARUTO -ʥ- å` Хå ƽʣ᥹ NARUTO -ʥ- å` ٥
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ҥ NARUTO -ʥ- å` ؔ GG Lؔ ҥ NARUTO -ʥ- å` 332747ҥ NARUTO -ʥ- å`Хåؔų
᥹ ԥåGM ȥ󥯥ޥ ֥`ߩ` Q ϥɥХå Ʒ
ץ Хå 2013
å NARUTO -ʥ- å` `ɥ`
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n å `ɥå å` ձå`` ȩ`ȥХå `
å NARUTO -ʥ- å` Lؔ
å NARUTO -ʥ- å` ȩ`ȥХå ޥ
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᥹ NARUTO -ʥ- å` Lؔ Х
yΡ Щ`Х``Хå Բ
ꥹǥ` ԥ
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ҥ NARUTO -ʥ- å` ʥ ȩ`
å NARUTO -ʥ- å` rӋ

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